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Montana Cattle Ranch

The Galt Ranch raises hardy, medium framed Black Angus cattle. Our cows spend ten months of the year grazing in both the Big Belt and Little Belt Mountain Ranges. They are bred to handle Montana almost year round in the mountains, being brought in closer in the winter for grazing and are fed both hay and a cake pellet when needed. We raise our own bulls. This gives us the flexibility to pick and choose as we see fit to make our herd what we want it to be in the same way we choose our replacement heifers.

We calve in the late spring with our first calf heifers and three year old cows calving at the main ranch on Birch Creek where they can be monitored more closely incase of calving trouble. The older cows are trailed to Lingshire in late March, where they will calve and spend the majority of the year.

Beginning in October we wean our calves and ultrasound our cows. The calves are put out on our hay meadows at Birch Creek and the cows are put back out to grass. These calves are sorted into three different bunches. We carefully choose our replacement heifers and the re-maining heifers and the steers are held over until the following September to be sold as year-lings.

Premium Wagyu Beef

Looking to purchase beef in bulk and directly from the ranch? The Galt Ranch markets beef to individual buyers in quarter, half, and full amounts.

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